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Dacari - Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist Bridges Christianity

Dacari - Social Media SpecialistSocial Media Specialist Bridges Christianity

A social media specialist is a very special person.  All social media specialists can concur that they’ve been called “the person who gets a rush out of a tweet” in any social media activity. Social media specialists all have common ground for all things #social. Here are 6 skill-sets all social media specialists should possess.

Being Obsessive

Being a social media specialist is being energetic about showcasing. Be that as it may, social media specialists do not simply look at getting a charge out of using twitter and its hashtags. Being obsessive really helps a lot.

Indicating what makes your ideas the best or why your organization’s way of life is unparalleled is fascinating to your supporters. Enthusiasm originates from motivation, and motivation always propel others to want to work with them.

Being Transparent

The thought of “one size fits all” isn’t the mindset of a social media specialist. They utilize social media to keep up an honest to goodness online persona that is special to everyone for the most part so they can pull in new supporters, and encourage associations with existing fans.

Being Outgoing

With the world associated with each conceivable outlet on social media, there are such a variety of approaches to discuss on a variety of platforms. In one day, you Skype with your Grandpa, tweet with your frat, Facebook message your former college teacher in Ohio, and Snapchat your co-worker in Florida, and that is quite recently the start of many people every day online correspondence.

Beside individual correspondence, a social media specialist needs to convey the brand messages in short or long form. Understanding the brand character is important when imparting on the world-wide web where things are congested. It is critical to be clear and stand firm on your qualities and message.

Being Linked

Regardless of whether you’re working for a specific brand or organization, one must be linked with the social media best practices and what is #trending. Twitter and Facebook helps us to see what truly matters to individuals and open the door for connection.

Being Pleasant

Being humble has an enormous impact on people regardless of what a person title is. It’s impossible to have success on social media and not be, well… social!

Individuals with irresistible personalities radiate through social media platforms. Personalities become the computerized voice of the brand, and that implies dealing with the positive and negative criticism, advancements, and collaborations with supporters. Being cantankerous will simply include more dislike in the online group.

As the online voice of a brand or organization, you should comprehend where individuals are originating from and why they cherish or are irate with your image. Please understand that honey draws more than vinegar on any day.

Being Flexible

Alongside being accountable for and helping with different areas, a specialist is in charge of each social stream of those areas, and additionally giving an account of the organization objectives.

By utilizing social media administration devices, you can without much of a stretch monitor every one of your objectives in one place.

Having a voice in social media implies grasping these aptitudes and the changing social scene. I’m eager to present Dacari J. Middlebrooks. He has the ability to energize and develop people every single day through social media, online communities and personal encounters!

Who is Dacari J. Middlebrooks?

Dacari is a Communications Consultant for Mount Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, TN. Dacari states, “I never saw myself entering ministry full-time; I had dreams of becoming an Actor and living in Hollywood, but God had different plans.” God has given me a different stage, and it’s to empower, educate, and entertain people-may that be through lifestyle events, pulpits, radio, print, public relations, television or film.” He’s an author, thinker, and speaker nationally.  He’s an initiate of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. (Pi Chapter).

In essence, Dacari believes, “There is no greater gift in life than speaking life into other individuals, and aiding them in fulfilling their purpose. His ultimate desire is to have his own television/radio show with an empowerment and inspirational focus. He sees this as an opportunity to bridge his love for ministry and media together.

Dacari creates a branding experience that’s unique to a particular person or company. He informs the development of an overall brand strategy, which can affect logo and package design, pricing, placement, advertising campaigns, and customer service messaging.

Dacari is skilled and knowledgeable in consumer behavior and the marketing process. This includes having the ability to identify the companies target market and position their product or service offering in a way that will interest consumers and make them want to buy.

Dacari is a nationally recognized speaker. Skilled in the art of story-telling, social media, leadership, mentorship, and ministry. He is the author of Social Media Matters, and is featured in several credible publications.

For more information about Dacari J. Middlebrooks click here.

Now Dacari has elevated his ability to use social media and more to bridge into Chrisianity by accepting his new role as online campus leader of Mt. Zion Anywhere Life Group Atlanta.


For more information about Mt. Zion Baptist Church click here.


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