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Social Media Tracking

Social Media Tracking is Real on Facebook

Social Media Tracking is Real on Facebook

Social media tracking can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing.  We will let you be the judge of that.  However, let’s consider some truths about this area on Facebook.  We share specifics of our every day lives on the web, however where would it be a good idea for us to adhere to a meaningful boundary on what we share about ourselves, our family, and our companions? There are a few things that is best to never share on the web, let’s get started:

Social Media Tracking

Your Current Location

Many individuals don’t understand that when they post an announcement, they may likewise be uncovering their present area. Giving out your present area can be unsafe on the grounds that it tells potential hoodlums that you won’t not be at home. Contingent upon your security settings, that honest post from your excursion spot may give the awful folks the green light they were sitting tight for to victimize your place of residence.

Your Home Address

Again, you never know who may take a gander at your postings. Try not to reveal where you live as you are making things simple for the dangerous folks. Limit pictures of your neighborhood as well. What can hoodlums do with your address?  There are some people that stays up all night investigating social media. Go to our article by clicking here.

Your Actual Phone Number

I was browsing facebook just before I wrote this article, when I came across a facebook live with a group of people shouting out an actual phone number. It blew my mind to say the least. I don’t think you want to make it that easy for social media tracking in a negative way.

While you may need your contacts to have the capacity to get in touch with you, consider the possibility that your actual telephone number could fall into evil hands.

A simple approach to permit individuals to get in touch with you by telephone without giving them your real telephone number is by utilizing a Google Voice telephone number as a go-between. I use it for my business and it’s perfect.

Your Relationship Status

It’s sad to say but sharing that you’re single on social media could create major problems.  Prowlers love to see that single status when trying to find their next victim. This takes away the hard work while they’re using their social media tracking skills. This also implies in the prowler mind that a single status on social media means someone is home alone very often.

To avoid complications just use the “It’s Complicated” status. This way it will make the prowlers at least think twice about spying on you. Posting your relationship status is the surest way to accomplish this.

Awkward Things Shouldn’t be Visible to Your Employer or Family

Before you post anything on the web, you better contemplate. Ask yourself this question: Do I need my supervisor or family to see this? If not, don’t post it. Regardless of the possibility that you post something and erase it, doesn’t imply that somebody didn’t take a screenshot of it before you had the opportunity to evacuate it.

Photos Tagged with Your Friends and Children Names

Alright, this is a delicate matter for sure. We as a whole need to ensure our children, we would set down before a train to secure them, yet a number of us post many tagged photos of our kids online for the world to see. The issue is that you can never make sure that only your circles are seeing these photos. Consider the possibility that your family has their telephone stolen and signed into Facebook.

You can’t depend on the “Friends only” setting since you truly never know. Just govern yourself as if everything is public and don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want the world to see.

In the event that you should post photos of your babies, regardless how old our children are they’re our babies. Please restrain yourself from utilizing their genuine names in the photo tag.

Your actual peeps know their names, no compelling reason to name them.

Please read this article about stalkers by clicking here!

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